A note from Chris


I have become increasingly aware of my responsibility to share the gifts that God has given me. Time is moving fast and we are all in need of renewal, refreshment, and healing, of body, mind, and soul. I have been given certain songs through my own acceptance of God's true leading to richer greener pastures in this life, and by learning not to stress. How amazing are these riches, of peace, and passion. We who believe are called to be proactive. To reach out beyond our own pain, and then through trust, to let God bless.....and he will, constantly.

It's time for action, energy, and renewal. Not emotional hype, not dogma, but standing on promises, and truth - giving up our own agendas, and taking each day as it comes, with the simple words on our lips - "I Will." This is my heart. I love this life and I am grateful for the breath in which to praise our amazing wonderful God.

"I Will" is a song of simple, real, personal worship. Along with "Lay it Down," and my epitaph, "Breath of Heaven," these songs provide the bedrock of this project. And my desire is to get this music into the hands and hearts of as many people as possible, irrespective of race color or creed, so that in some small way my blessed soul can be transparent enough to draw a hurting world towards a living faith in the only true Healer.

Tomorrow waits to be a day of joy.

-- Chris Eaton